The school library is used by all classes during the week. Students are expected to return books before new ones are issued. Books are a major expense and your assistance is requested to ensure that books are cared for and returned.

Donations for books by parents and friends of the school are always appreciated. Lost books will be charged for.

Library Bus

Rotorua Library bus is currently not visiting the school due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic.  We will let you know when this is up and running again

Specialist Services

The school is able to enlist the assistance of specialist services as required by teachers or parents. Or school Special Education Coordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Megan Marshall-Hall DP.

Some of these specialists are:

  • Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour
  • Resource Teacher of Literacy
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Visiting Teacher
  • Children and Young Persons Welfare Officers
  • Ministry of Education Psychologist, Vision and Hearing tests
  • Specialist teachers
  • Police Education Officers
  • Advisers in curriculum areas

Te Reo Maori

All classes have te reo Maori lessons.

Our children are taught te reo Maori using a structured language acquisition approach which provides them with the basic skills of language learning in a supported environment.

All children are supported in learning our waiata through kapahaka. Tikanga Maori is covered within the class programme and utilising local experts and excursions also.

School Equipment

Children will bring readers home regularly that they have read in class to support their progress. We know there are times when they are forgotten and left at home. Please don’t hesitate to return the books in your child’s bookbag to the teacher or the school office.

From time to time school owned items such as maths or science equipment may be brought home. This can happen inadvertently or simply because it catches the eye of a child. Please arrange for its return it to school promptly and explain to your child that such equipment belongs to the school for all children to use.

Home Learning

Junior classes
The benefits of reading at home are enormous and children are encouraged to do so regularly. It is important that parents also read to their children.

The home reading session should be short (not more than 10 minutes) and enjoyable.

Senior classes
Reading is also encouraged for senior pupils and other study tasks may also be set.


Our pool is thermally heated which allows swimming from Week 6 Term 4 generally until the end of Term.

Please ensure children have swim suits (togs) as threads drop from general clothing that damage the
filter system. Rash shirts are acceptable.

The pool is available to Mum’s and Tots on Wednesday at 2.00pm during the season.


Rotokawa School combines with a number of other schools for various sports events throughout the year.

Buses may be used to cater for transport needs and costs are apportioned as required and covered by the Shows and Events Fee.

We have school teams in summer for Touch Rugby and Flipper Ball and winter teams for Hockey, Netball and Miniball.

Parent assistance with coaching/managing sport is necessary and appreciated. Contact the office for further information.

Parent/Teacher Discussions

The staff welcomes contact with parents and caregivers. Times are set aside for formal interviews during the year, however members of staff are always available for discussion. Please contact the teacher for a convenient time.

We start the year with “Korero Mai – Talk to me” in February and ask that paretns/caregivers share the passions of your children.

We have a discussion after each written report twice per year as well as the children leading “Learner Led Reporting” at the end of Term 3.

Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms while classes are in session to assist or just observe. We prefer you avoid 2.45 – 3pm during packing up times. It can seem chaotic and is a very busy student management time for the teachers. Please wait for your child outside the classroom.

Reporting to Parents

Korero Mai – Talk to me

Tentatively Wednesday 17th February. This is a meeting where parents and whanau share things that help their child learn with the new teacher. The questions are sent home prior to the meeting.

Formal written reports including National Standards achievement are provided in June & December in Years 4 – 5.

Term 2 – Year 4 – 6 we will have three way reporting with the teacher and goal setting will take place. Term 3 Review the goals in Learner Led reporting. Term 4 written report only.

Years 1—3 – parents receive reports after 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 weeks (120 weeks if appropriate) at school. Teachers will arrange meetings across the year to discuss these reports at each anniversary.

Parent Assistance

Helpers are always needed for the many tasks in and around classrooms. If you can help on a regular basis, or if you wish to do so from time to time, please contact the office or the teacher concerned. Consideration is given to how settled your child may be with a parent in class and we can always help and place you in a different class to assist.

There are times when uniforms for Kapahaka and Sports Teams need distributing or collecting. Your help is appreciated.

Book Club

This scheme offers a good opportunity for children to buy books at a reasonable price.

If you wish to purchase, complete the order form and return to school with the correct money by the due date.

Inquiries can be made to the school office.