Word From the Principal

Week 10, Term 2 - 2019

Kia ora whanau, well it's come to the end of term 2 and what a big term it has been. The Rotokawa staff have been working hard throughout the term and I would personally like to thank each and every staff member for their efforts. I would also like to thank all of our whanau for your efforts and support throughout this busy term. We have some exciting learning coming up in term 3 which includes visits to many of our local iconic areas and many sports tournaments. On behalf of the Rotokawa School staff we hope you all have a fantastic holiday and enjoy your time with your kids.


Primary principals across the country have voted to reject the government’s offer for settlement of our negotiations. The government failed to make an offer that addresses our key issues. We are concerned that little is being done to ensure that being a primary principal is seen as an attractive career option.

While I’m really happy that our teachers won back parity with their secondary colleagues, the same wasn’t offered to primary principals. We think that if parity with secondary is fair for teachers, then surely it’s fair for principals.

The offer also would have seen some principals in smaller schools paid less than some teachers in larger schools. It’s important that all communities are able to attract teachers into becoming principals, and that won’t happen if they can earn more as a teacher.

As a sign of our concern we have voted to withdraw the goodwill we extend to the Ministry of Education work that is additional to our day to day role running schools. I will not be participating in any form of work programme, taskforce, meeting with or reporting to the Ministry between July 8 and August 16. I will continue my professional leadership of the school during this time. 

Principals continue to hope that the government will hear us and address our issues.  We are committed to continuing our campaign until they do.  Personally I am grateful for the support that our parent community has shown throughout the campaign.  I hope you will continue to show your support next term if it is necessary.

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