Parent/Teacher Discussions

The staff welcomes contact with parents and caregivers. Times are set aside for formal interviews during the year, however members of staff are always available for discussion. Please contact the teacher for a convenient time.

We start the year with "Korero Mai - Talk to me"  in February and ask that paretns/caregivers share the passions of your children. 

We have a discussion after each written report twice per year as well as the children leading "Learner Led Reporting" at the end of Term 3.

Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms while classes are in session to assist or just observe. We prefer you avoid 2.45 – 3pm during packing up times. It can seem chaotic and is a very busy student management time for the teachers. Please wait for your child outside the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to take part in school shows, camps, field trips and sports events. Note: If you have a problem or concern, please discuss it with your child's teacher first. The teacher knows your child and the other children well and will work hard to make sure your concern is addressed quickly and resolved well. If the problem is not resolved contact the teachers Team Leader or Deputy Principal Lauren McCrae.

last edited: Sun, August 21, 2016