Dress codes and Sun safety

Blue Bucket hats are needed for Terms 1 and 4.

While we do not have a formal uniform, students are expected to be clean and tidy and wearing suitable clothing for learning at school.

We ask you to dress children in appropriate clothes for school covering their shoulders to be sun safe. Students should be able to play safely at interval, lunchtime and during PE sessions in the clothing that they wear to school.

Necklaces, bracelets and rings are not encouraged. Injuries may result during everyday play.

Pierced ears: Studs only please, no pendant styles or hoops which could catch and tear your child’s ear lobe.

Students selected for sports teams may be given a uniform to wear for the day (or the season). It is expected that these uniforms are worn with pride, treated with respect and returned freshly washed to the office. 

last edited: Sun, August 21, 2016