Rotokawa is serviced by one Ministry bus run to Tikitere and a later Ministry run to Ludgate's Hill and Mourea. In some cases there is a charge to use the bus. Contact Mrs Megan Marshall-Hall and the school office (07) 345-6129 )to find out more information. As many children travel by bus, parent help in emphasising safety rules is essential.

Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable and children who persist in this behaviour may be suspended from the bus service ie. Parents will be required to provide alternate transport during the period of the suspension. Our children have exemplary behaviour in actual fact so this has not been a problem.

Children sit in buses lines at 3.15pm for the bus roll call.

A bus roll is maintained daily and the office should be informed if your child is to use alternate transport. 

last edited: Tue, July 26, 2016