It is the responsibility of parents /caregivers to ensure regular attendance of their child(ren) at school. Should your child be absent or be required to leave the school during school hours, a note or phone call explaining the absence must be given to the teacher. Our mobile number is 027-7569-225 to text for absences. This phone will not be answered and there is no message service. To leave a verbal message, please phone the office on (07) 345-6129.

If your child is late to school, please sign in at the office on arrival. Do try to avoid lateness as the morning is the key learning time of the day. Many important instructions are given at 9am, including the karakia to set up a great day of learning together. Being punctual helps children to feel settled and well prepared for the day. This helps to minimise relationship, social and behaviour problems. Generally arriving before 8:50am is good practice if possible. 

last edited: Fri, May 27, 2016