We are EXCITED that we are able to start school on Monday 18th May and the staff are looking forward to reconnecting with our tamariki. There will be some changes to our school operations and these will be outlined during the week. Please see below some points that we have established in regards to Level 2. *School is open to all students on Monday 18th May (there will be some physical limitations with public health but these will be covered by our Alert Level 2 Protocols). *Distance learning will be available in some capacity and this will be monitored on an individual basis *PPE is not required or recommended as necessary in any educational facility by the Public Health Service, but students & staff may wear a face mask to school. * There will be guidelines for whanau entering school grounds and we must abide by safe distancing at drop off and pick ups at the school gate. This will be elaborated on during this week once we have more information regarding the health and safety guidelines. *School access will only be via the main gates in front of the school where the canopy cover is situated. *Tamariki and staff will not attend school if they are unwell even if it’s just a runny nose, headache or cough etc. *Children and staff who become unwell during the school day will be sent home and must be picked up if whanau are contacted by the school. *School water fountains will be closed – children will need to bring their own water bottles to school. We are thoroughly looking forward to next week and can not wait to see all our tamariki. If you have any questions please contact me at principal@rotokawa.school.nz and remember to KEEP SAFE and WHANAU FIRST!!! 03/05/2020 Kia ora whanau, It is now the end of the first week of Level 3 across the country and I hope everyone has enjoyed that extra little bit of freedom. We had an excellent first week back with the tamariki who came into school last week and it was great to see how happy they were to see their friends. Thank you to all the whanau of these students for following the guidelines and helping us by informing your child/ren of some of the changes that we have introduced for Level 3. The class bubbles are working really well and the tamariki are sticking to the distancing rules. It has been awesome watching the tamariki keep themselves entertained during break times without our playgrounds etc. and we are looking forward to the week ahead. If circumstances have changed over the past week where you need to return to work and therefore need your child/ren to return to school, it is important to give us at least 24 hours notice. This allows us to prepare what needs to be done for new children coming back into school and it also gives us time to speak to you and give you the relevant information of how the school will be operating throughout Level 3. In regards to when and what will happen when we go to Level 2, we are awaiting information to come through from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. As you all know the Prime Minister will be making an announcement on Monday 11th May on whether we will remain at Level 3 or change levels. In the mean time, I will send out regular updates about the organisation and what the requirements will be in the event of us changing from Level 3 to Level 2. There is a lot for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to consider, including ensuring that the Health and Safety of all whanau is priority when we all return to school. I hope whanau at home have been enjoying the online learning journey with your child/ren. A reminder that if you are having my problems implementing the work, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself. It has been great to join in on some of the zoom meetings that some classes have been having and I am sure all the children have been happy to see their friends online. To all our whanau who have returned to work or have been essential workers throughout the lockdown, I hope you are keeping well and I would like to thank you for the patience you have shown throughout the new way of teaching and learning over the past three weeks. If you have not received your hard packs in the mail from the government, can you please contact the school tomorrow (07 345 6129) and we will organise some packs for students and whanau who would like them. The staff who are working onsite this week are really looking forward to seeing the tamariki again and those staff that are working offsite are all prepared and ready to send out the online learning timetables for this week. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me by sending an email to principal@rotokawa.school.nz and remember to keep safe and WHANAU FIRST!!! Nga mihi nui Regan Williams Principal [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]