Room 5 - Year 1/2

Teacher: Debbie Nurkka


Term Letter

Kia ora and welcome to Room 5!

We are a class of energetic year 1 and 2 learners. We have had a fantastic start to the year with the children already celebrating in their success and achievements.

Our class has a “buzzy bee” theme to it. Our systems in place relate to this theme. Our class motto is ”Bee the Best You can Bee”. Our positive behaviour reward system sees the children as little honey bees move from flower to flower collecting pollen, to get to the beehive for a prize. We will be learning a lot more throughout the year about bees and their importance to the environment.

We begin our day with a morning routine that includes karakia, PB4L (school values), oral language, sharing, phonics and fitness. We then get set up for writing in our literacy books. After morning tea until lunchtime we get into groups of 4. We move around the classroom and outside doing a variety of activities that align with Play Based Learning. While this is happening, reading and maths groups work with myself and our teacher aide Whaea Nadena. After lunch we get involved with the other curriculum learning areas, ie- The Arts, Physical Education, Social Sciences etc.

Our Inquiry learning this term is about Identity. We are finding out and becoming more aware of what makes us who we are, our strengths and interests, and our similarities and differences with other individuals and groups. We have been integrating our Inquiry learning with Writing and Maths using statistical investigations to find out more about each other and graphing our results.

Our swimming lessons are well underway in preparation for our Junior Swimming Sports Day next week. We are fortunate to have the pool for our class most afternoons (which has been great in this hot weather).

I look forward to the year ahead learning alongside my busy little bees in our Room Five Hive 

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Helping Hands

Help Request Est.Time
Friends of the School help 2.5 hours
Transport and support 1 hour
Reading Buddies Needed 1 hour
Garden Help Needed 1 hour

We need help!
If you can help with any of the items above, please click on a task to find out more and volunteer.