Room 2 - Year 3

Teacher: Sue Cook & Christine Masters

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Term Letter

17th May 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Kia Ora Parents, Caregivers and Whānau

We are pleased to welcome Kiri and Rihari to our whanau, who have settled into our classroom with ease!  The tamariki in our class have really impressed us! They all work together, consistently demonstrating our school values, striving to reach their next milestone and making us extremely proud to be their teachers!  We have already won the ‘Tidy Kiwi award’ several times this year and the Attendance trophy once, with a very close third last week. We had pizza last week to celebrate our successes!

This term our inquiry topic is Whakamana / Respect.  For writing the children will be learning procedural text.  This will be in the form of recipes, instructions and writing up science observations.  Language features they will be learning are how to begin a sentence with an action verb such as ‘put’ ‘mix’ ‘pour’ ‘place’, and writing events in order using words like ‘first’ ‘next’ ‘then’ ‘after that’ and ‘finally’.  We will continue to build on their personal writing, and strengthening their understanding of using adjectives, full stops, and capital letters.


The Science topic is ‘Plants, Petals, and Pollination’.  The tamariki will be learning to identify and label the parts of a plant and of a flower.  Throughout the term, they will also be given many opportunities to develop their thinking skills using ‘I notice’ ‘I think’ ‘I wonder’ when making scientific observations.  We will be germinating seeds, tracking and recording changes in growth. We will be learning about recycling where tamariki will design a biodegradable container to raise their seeds in, that will plant directly into the ground.  


Te Reo Maori is continuing from last term where the tamariki are developing a word bank based on feelings and emotion. Each Maori lesson, they learn kupu hou (new word) to describe how they are feeling. The context of this learning is, when they're asked the question, ‘Kei te pehea koe?’ (How are you?), they reply, ‘Kei te _____ ahau’, filling in the sentence with their kupu hou.  We will also be learning about the Te Arawa Journeys, which will be supported by our trip to the Museum next term. We will be reading about the legend of ‘Ngatoroirangi’ and incorporate this into the arts through role play and visual displays.


Wherever possible, our reading will focus around our Inquiry.  Maths, our focus is on Number knowledge; in particular place value of numbers and how this can help us to add numbers together.  Attached is a brochure to explain this further, in addition, a generic timetable for our classroom, although it can change!


We have already started training for our cross country later this term (please ensure they wear appropriate footwear to school) and upskilling on ‘winter sports’, in particular large ball skills.  If your child is unable to run for any reason a note/email, is required.   If your child is absent from school for any reason, a phone call/email or note on your child’s return is required.

Homework of nightly reading, practicing spelling and basic sight words (for those that are still learning them) continues.  Remember to sign your child’s reading log so they can receive five dojos for every 25 nights reading and Hell’s pizza vouchers!  We really appreciate the support you provide.  It is essential book bags come to school on a daily basis!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or concerns regarding your child, or would like to have a chat about something!  It is important that children are happy at school for them to be able to learn.

Most mornings, Sue will be at our ‘Breakfast Club’ in Room 7 (Waikawa) between 8.15 to 8.45 a.m.  All of our tamariki are invited to come along. The more the merrier! We realise it is difficult for working parents to get into school so please feel welcome to email us at, or   


Nga mihi

Sue Cook and Christine Masters

Room 2 teachers

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