Room 1 - Year 2

Teacher: Christina Roberts & Zoe Rankin

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Term Letter

Kia Ora Parents, Caregivers and Whānau,

Welcome to Term 2. Just like that, with a flip of the calendar and a dip in temperature, winter is approaching! Gone are the bucket hats and the togs, to be replaced with cosy layers and colourful scarves. Children are reminded to please write their names on all of their winter clothes and to collect them up at the end of the day.

This term Room 1 will be continuing to engage in their learning in fun and interactive ways, learning to ask questions, to problem solve and to stretch their imaginations as they cooperate and interact with their peers.

What’s happening in Term 2?


Literacy:  Every day the children are engaged in reading and writing activities, working with the teacher and on independent tasks. Writing lessons are focused around whole class activities involving drama, imagination, hands on experience, class discussions, and debates, which are followed up by focused group/independent writing tasks. The children are also developing a love of reading through group reading, stories read by the teacher, and exploring texts that appeal to their personal interests.


Maths:  Maths should be a fun and inclusive part of everyday learning.  As well as partaking in small, teacher-led maths groups, the children learn about the relevance of maths in all areas of their play and exploration.  The children are encouraged to explore and problem solve the maths questions that arise in the classroom and out on the playground, whether it is in terms of simple addition, or equal sharing, or measurement, or weight, or the skills required to build and design their own creations. The children in Room 1 have a wonderful attitude towards maths and it has been fascinating to witness their progress over the past few months.


Māori:  The children in Room 1 are building upon their knowledge of location (up, down, left, right, etc) and linking it with inquiry and giving directions. The children will also be learning to construct simple sentences about themselves and their families. Room 1 enjoys reading Maori texts and stories and they are actively involved in Kapa Haka each week.   


Health & Mindfulness: This term Room 1 will be looking at the benefits of guided mindful activities and short child-specific yoga sessions. The children have already talked about the feelings of calm and happiness that they experience after simple breathing exercises and they are learning about how to manage their emotions so that they can better focus their learning brain.

P.E. This term the children in Room 1 are geering up for cross-country running. The children are partaking in regular running training; looking at stretching, the importance of warming up, running techniques and interval training. Cross country training is more than just running laps of a field and the children are enjoying bringing in fun drills and techniques to improve their running.


Science and Inquiry: The school wide inquiry for Term 2 is ‘ko au te whenua, ko te whenua ko au’ (I am the earth, the earth is mine). Inquiry is largely child-led, inspired by the childrens wonderings and questions, and this term the children have expressed an interest in looking into the local environment and how we can respect the people and animals that live here. This will involve looking at pest control, the importance of Mokoia island, the reasons people live in Rotorua, and how we can protect our local area and the plant life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or concerns regarding your child, or would like to have a chat about something! Our door is always open and we are never more than a phone call or an e-mail away.  It is important that children are happy at school and we want Room 1 to be filled with happy faces.

Nga mihi

Zoe Rankin and Christina Roberts (Room 1 Teachers)

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Helping Hands

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