New Entrant (RM 4)

Teacher: Olwen Partelow


Term Letter

Welcome to room 4. My name is Olwen Partelow and I am the teacher in this class. Originally from Wales, my family and I have lived in New Zealand for almost 5 years and in Rotorua for 2 years. My husband Duane and I have 3 children, Ethan, Seren and Luke, currently all 3 of my children are students at Rotokawa School. In my free time, I can usually be found driving my children to various sporting activities or trying to tame the weeds in our garden. 

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

Room 4 is the new entrant class at Rotokawa school, this means that we a continuously growing in numbers. 

Our learning in room 4 is based around play and exploration. We use play to help the children to test ideas, work through uncertainties and make sense of the world around them. Children develop many important skills and qualities including problem solving, using their imagination, building persistence and resilience, communication, negotiation, patience and turn taking.  As well as these, we use play to develop oral language, reading, writing, maths, science, technology, health and social sciences.  

This term we are settling in to school life, and learning how to be a good school citizen as well as the basics of literacy and mathematics. We will be working on developing relationships so that we are able to work collaboratively and feel secure enough to take risks with our learning. 

Nga mihi

Olwen Partelow

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Helping Hands

Help Request Est.Time
Friends of the School help 2.5 hours
Transport and support 1 hour
Reading Buddies Needed 1 hour
Garden Help Needed 1 hour

We need help!
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